Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Turning Points

We all have those days when nostalgia rears up and hits us right between the eyes! Today it came to me while I was sorting through some old packing boxes that had been in my former studio. Back in the summer of 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early July. From mid-July until my mastectomy on August 23rd I spent the time packing up my studio and labeling the boxes. I was lucky enough to have the studio in my Dad's former childhood home so I just left them in storage on a back porch and walked away to deal with cancer and all of its ramifications.
The home/studio has been rented since by my youngest nephew, then my daughter and now my eldest nephew and the boxes shifted around, re-packed, etc. I realized it was finally time to confront all of the memories and junk they contained. It's been an evolutionary process.
I've found art supplies from as long ago as the mid-70's packed away with inspirational books, household supplies and your basic every day junk! I just unpacked the very last box and it contained nothing but books. Books I obviously have read over the years but never put to use in my every day life. I guess I thought that just by owning them, my life would somehow change. Here's the list of what was hiding in that last box...or at least the ones I intend to keep:

  • Wishcraft~How to Get What you REALLY Want by Barbara Sher
  • Anatomy of the Spirit~The Seven Stages of Power and Healing by Caroline Myss
  • In My Wildest Dreams~Living the Life You Long For by Gail Blanke
  • The Well of Creativity~Julia Cameron, et al
  • The Power of Your Other Hand~A course in channeling the inner wisdom of the right brain by Lucia Capacchione
  • Pricing & Promotion~A Guide for Craftspeople by Patrick McGuire
    and last but not least
  • Flatter your Figure~Transform your figure with the next garment you wear! by Jan Larkey

There were also a bunch of inspirational paperbacks with Wayne Dyer in the lead for the most popular author. And it suddenly struck me...I am no farther ahead, no closer to my goal, no happier, no richer, no thinner, no more knowledgeable than when I first bought those books.
I guess the old saying is true: If you always do what you've always done; then you'll always get what you've always gotten!
So with this posting I am turning a corner. I'm making a promise to myself and to you, my followers, that in the future these blog posts will be about helping YOU and not about trying to change myself. I am what I am and it's just going to have to be good enough for all of us! Kelly Rae's e-course is responsible for opening my eyes on that one!
So I'd like to hear suggestions from the peanut gallery on how I can help you. What would you like me to share information about? Is there anything that I've said that you'd like more information about (excluding my kids and husband :)? I'd like to be here for those of you who may have questions about getting started on your artistic career because the one thing I have never tried to change is my desire to grow as an artist. I have 40 years worth of knowledge on all types of media and experience with gallery and juried art shows. I'm a resource that is willing to be tapped so let the tap show begin.
With much love I remain your ever faithful, Carolyn, a Jersey Girl.


  1. Dearest Carolyn, this is such an amazing and heartfelt post! I am so happy to hear about your new turning point and your studio sounds really amaizng ~ how wonderful it is to have your papa former childhood home turned into a studio. It's wonderful to find and re-visit those gorgeous treasures found in your boxes. Thanks so much for sharing it here with us! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  2. I love this! Huge applause to you, Carolyn. I think it's so interesting how you experienced a pause that you can go back to. I think if given the chance to do the same, a lot of us would find a similar discovery.

    I was just asking my friend for some of her favorite inspiring books. Thanks for including yours here. it's just perfect.