Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We all have them. Those unfinished objects that sit in a closet, on a shelf, in a box...somewhere we don't have to look at them and feel the pain of not finishing what we started. I've got hundreds of them around here. After 40 years as a photographer/artist/crafter/seamstress I've got so many UFOs it could drive a sane woman crazy. Since I think that would be a rather short ride for me I've decided to start clearing out those UFOs and passing them along to someone who can make something spectacular OR just keep them in her own UFO pile :)

How this all came about is quite simple. I was looking for some vintage slides the other day and came across a bag in my linen closet. Since I rarely explore that area of the house other than to refill the towel shelf I just had to see what was hidden away in that tempting white bag all tied up in a bow. Now I wish I hadn't because I came across some of the prettiest materials that I'd been stashing away for that special day when I would need them. I've long realized that those 'special' days rarely arrive and if they do it usually comes with a preset agenda that doesn't include hidden treasures I've so long been collecting.

So I'm having a giveaway for these jewels. To win all you have to do is leave a brief comment with a very short description of what YOU would do with these gorgeous scraps. Be aware of the fact that these are just what I said...scraps. None of the pieces are over a half yard wide and most of them are smaller than that, perhaps 10" x 18" and up. No fat quarters, sorry. I salvaged these from brocade jackets, silk shirts and dresses and a couple of acetate skirts. But the grape, teal and gold mix is much prettier than my cheap little digital camera displays.

Hope you have something special you can use these for because they're ironed, folded, bagged and ready to be delivered to the lucky winner. BTW...ironing was never my strong suit...consider that my daughter used to call it Irun and you'll get an idea of just how domestic I really am. Drawing will be Tuesday, September 22nd at noon EDT. Good luck and God Bless.


  1. We were just talking about UFOs on Quilt "n" stitch fan page on FB. Boy do I have a few!
    I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting The Pink Slipper blog and for your offer to help. Your kindness is appreciated more than you know.
    Joyce Lucas

  2. Scraps, wonderful scraps I hate to throw any away. I use them to make beads that I toss in a HUGE basket so that I can grab them and use them in other projects. I make wonderful little colorful crazy quilts for mother to drape over their new too early born babes in the hospital, I use strips, odd shapes to fill in colorful drawing that my grandchildren make. Giant doodles on fabric that become bright colorful wall hangings ........should I go on?

  3. I would use these pieces of fabric to make 3-D encaustic (hot beeswax) sculptures. I have been using yarn over armature, and have been working with fabric. The beeswax is translucent enough you can see pattern beneith it, yet it veils it in mystery. These might make good pieces to work with my installations.

    You can check out some of my 3-D encaustic pieces here.

    Thanks for making a giveaway and being great enough to post it on Facebook!

    Jaime Lyerly

  4. oh my goodness, those are beautiful!

    i would use the pretty scraps to trim unique wearables (coats, hats, & dresses) that i sew, also in sewn & beaded "jewelry" projects such as pins, collars & bracelets. i might even be inspired to clothe some tiny dolls or make some tiny furniture again! & i would share them with Jaime (see above post).

    starry wizdom

  5. I recently took a class from Chris Cozen on making a fabric collage with paint and no sewing. It started my love affair with fabric, so I'm just starting to gather scraps. I don't have any fabric in your colors, so I would adore winning them! Thanks for offering and good for you to clean out your stash!

    ~Nina in San Diego~

  6. Thanks so much for letting me know about this on FB! I actually really do need the fabric for a project I am going to be starting soon. It is a series of bird headed dolls in fancy dress. I have avoided buying fabric yet because the brocades are always so expensive. I would love to get my grubby hands on the piececs you have available.

  7. Hello Carolyn! Lovely to see another post from you. Those fabrics are lovely. I really like UFOs, very funny. I have some of those lurking in dark recesses, ready to invade my space! Suzie. xxx

  8. LOVELY, LOVELY FABRICS-I would use them to make a small gifts to share love with friends, Then, make a small change purse and fill it with coins to give it to a person in need (recently I had a big hug from a homeless man in DC for merely giving him a few dollars and still he gave me all he had. I would make a holiday stocking and donate it to local charity auction......after that, I don't know.

  9. Oh my gracious...I wish I had a lot more of these fabrics to give each one of you your own stash. I guess I'll have to put you all in a big bowl and have one of my family pull out a name. Thanks for your comments, I can see you all have wonderfully creative minds!

  10. Oh, gorgeous! I'm currently making little, mixed media collage books and also journals for the local women's shelter (they use over 500 a year). I've been using a stash of vintage trims, buttons and fabrics that were my grandmother's and need to replenish! Thank you for the opportunity to join your giveaway.


  11. All of these comments seem too good that I would feel guilty if I won. hehe Plus I have a ton of fabric that I already have stashed waiting to be used. So don't put my name in the drawing... just know that you're not the only artist in the UFO boat. :P

  12. I too have a ton of UFO's!!
    If I was lucky enough to win your giveaway for the fab fab, it would be put to good use on altered journals. :)
    Lovely blog - thanks for adding link to FB so I could find you!