Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Spring FUN!

I got my weekly mailing from PCcrafter.com. This week's was all about Spring and I must say that after the recent blizzard here in Jersey it was as welcome as the first crocus bloom.
I used to subscribe and purchase their digital downloads until it occurred to me that I might be overly influenced by the artwork of their featured artists. After all I am an artist myself and although I LOVE being inspired I don't want to cross over into the copyright infringement arena. Now every week I visit the site and just enjoy the truly beautiful artwork of hundreds of talented woman like myself. Perhaps someday I might even aspire to sell my work to commercial site like PC's but for now I enjoy my sales on eBay and Etsy and every day find the pleasure that comes from being given the gift of creativity.
You can get a taste of Spring for yourself. I've linked the title of the blog post directly to their site so surf on over and enjoy the warmer weather they're showing.


  1. Hi Carolyn!
    I couldn't find your email but found your blog thru etsy cottage style. I would love to do a swap. I have lots of weathered papers for you to use, you would just need to decide what would be a fair trade. I am going to go visit you etsy shoppe for images... I will wait for your email!